1. Use

Pernexus uses cookies and collects user information for the following purposes:

  • Technical functionality, so that we can remember your preferences.

  • Traffic measuring, so we know how many people visit our sites and how they use them.


Pernexus uses cookies and collects user information by other means on the following sites:

  • The Works Porta with sub-domains

  • Pernexus' webpage

  • Veriloc’s webpage

  • IOS applications

  • Android applications

  • Windows application


2. Contact information


Pernexus Systems Aps

Herlufsholmsvej 37

2720 Herlev

Phone: +45 33251666


3. Use of cookies

Pernexus wishes to offer clear websites med only the content, that is most relevant for you. To make this happen, we uses technologies that can collect information about you og how you and the other users utilise The Works Portal, our applications and webpages.

With this policy we wishes to create transparency and give you an overview of what the treatment of your information contains, what you need to be aware of as well as the options you have to oppose this treatment.



By using our Works Portal, applications and websites, you approve that Pernexus uses cookies as described in the text below unless you have rejcted cookies with your browser settings. If you have not rejected cookies at the time for submitting you approval, you can withdraw the approval by blocking cookies in your webbrowser.


What is cookies?

Cookies are small textfiles, that websites can placeon your computers harddrive, smartphone og other electronic equipment. The word "cookies" means, in this policy and in this approval, other forms of automatic data gathering, too. For instance Web Storage (HTML5), Javascripts or cookies set in use of other software, as Google Analytics.

The "cookies" includes information about MAC-adress and other information about your device, too. Cookies can be used by Pernexus and third parties alike.

There is two fundamental types of cookies; "temporary" and "permanent". The temporary cookies er bound to the current visit of our portal or websites and will be deleted automatically, when you close down your webbrowser. The permanent cookies, however, will be stored on your equipment. Permanent cookies deletes them selves after a certain period of time, but they will be renewed eery time you visit one of our applications or website.


How do you avoid and delete cookies?

If you do not wish Pernexus to place or read cookies on your equipment, you can reject cookies in your webbrowser at any time. You can choose which cookies shall be allowed, blocked or deleted.

How you do it depends on the browser you use. Rememer: If you use more than one browser, you need to delete cookies in all of them. It is not possible to reject cookies on applications.


Treatment of personal data

Pernexus complies with the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legislation in terms with use of the Works Portal, websites and applications at any time. Pernexus collects and treats personal data primarily to fulfil its supplier obligations with costumers.

The warrant to treat your personal data is therefore our costumer contracts. In cases when we are treating personally identifiable data without a contractual grounded warrant, we will first obtain your explicit approval.


Contact concerning personal data

If you wish acces to the information that is registered about you at Pernexus, you must approach at kbt@pernexus.dk or phone: +45 28434145. In case of incorrect registrered data, or if you have any other objections, you can direct your approach the same place.

You have the option to get insight in which information there is registered about you and you can object against a registration in accordance to the rules of the Data Protection Act.


Pernexus treats the following types of data

In general we only treat information about you, if they are relevant in helping us fulfil our obligations to you, your employer og the authority. Your data will only be used by the employees who are en need of the information to treat your enquiry/activity.

We treat by basis the ordinary personal data, like name, adress, phone number, job title, e-mail adress og photo. We only treat the personal data that is necessary to comply with our contracts and legislation.

In connection with the recruitment of employees, we treat additional personally identifiable information, such as CV, exam papers and other relevant application material. Your data information will only be used by the employees taking part in the recruitment.


Pernexus' treatment of your data
  • Storage of registered imformation:

The registered personal data, among these is e-mail adresses and other contact information, will be stored, as long as it is necessary in regard of the purposes, to which the information is treated.

  • Access to data:

Pernexus never provides information about you to any other, unless you have specifically approved of it, or we are dealing with business partners, who provides services to Pernexus.

If there is any claims, that we enter data processing agreements with these business partners, then we have entered into these data processing agreements. This means that these partners comply with legislation about personal data.

We do not collect your approval to leave your personal data to a data processing unit, or if we are legally obliged to pass on your personal data, for instance as a part of a report to an authority or in compliance of a contract.


Protection of personal data

According to the Data Protection Act, your personal information must be stored safely and confidentially. We store your personal information on computers with limited access, which are placed in controlled facilities, our precautionary measures are continously supervised to determine whether our user informations are handled safely, and still in consideration of your rights as user.

To the extent of the treatment of your personal data, according to the Data Protection Act you have the the right to be informed which personal information there can be assigned to you.

In case it shows, that the information or data, that is being treated about you is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to claim these to be corrected, deleted og blocked. You can object against the data about you being subject of treatment at any time. You can revoke your approvalat any time, too.


Your rights

As registered at Pernexus you have the following fundamental rights, according to the Data Protection Act:

  • Insight:

You can at any time request to be informed, whether Pernexus treats information about you, and if so be informed, too, what data there is registered about you, what the purpose of the treatment of this information is, and to who this information perhaps will be passed on to.

  • Access to correction of registered data

You can at any time object against the information about you being subject of treatment. In case it shows, that the registered information about you is incorrect, misleading or in any way treated in contrary to the legislation, Pernexus will of course immediately correct, delete or according to the circumstances, block the information in question.

  • Deletion of data

Oplysninger, du selv har afgivet, og som Pernexus ikke har anden gyldig grund til fortsat at opbevare og/eller behandle, kan du til en hver tid rette henvendelse til Pernexus og bede om at få slettet.

Data, that you yourself have submitted, and that Pernexus do not have a valid reason to continuously store and/or treat, can at any time be deleted by requesting Pernexus to make i be so.


This cookie and privacy policy was last updated September 24, 2018.


We reserve the right to update and change present policy. If we do so, we will change the date of "last update".


5. Complaints to the Data Protection Agency

You should at any time adress Pernexus first, if your are dissatisfied with our treatment of your personal data.

You have the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Agency, if you are dissatisfied with the way we treat your personal data. You will find the contact information of the Data Protection Agency here.